Why Is Creed Aventus So Expensive?

Why Is Creed Aventus So Expensive

Why Is Creed Aventus So Expensive?

A bottle of Creed Aventus can cost you over $400. You can totally buy a car by adding some extra with Creed Aventus price!

As you already know, Creed is an expensive cologne and perfume brand. It is also one of the popular perfumes made for men. On top of that, the price range is certainly insane.

So, a big question inevitably arises–why is creed aventus so expensive?

There are good reasons. For instance, the perfume lasts longer with a strong scent and enticing aroma. But there is more.

Find the 5 iconic reasons below that make this perfume insanely expensive.

1. It’s a historical perfume.

A brand’s prestige is one of the first reasons Creed has big price tags. Well, it’s the same as all the luxury brands, isn’t it?

So, for Creed, you’ll notice that a huge part of the branding is leveraging their association with the old history. And they’re always boasting about it in their marketing campaigns.

James Henry Creed founded this luxury perfume company in 1760– that’s more than 250 years ago! During that time, they gradually began to create perfumes for high-class people, such as monarchs and celebrities. Hence, it was the top choice for the higher class and rich.

These instances are enough to understand Creed is synonymous with prestige, glory, and splendor. They are still on the same path securing a spot in a cash-rich man’s grooming arsenal.

Having been in the business for a long time, Creed has proven their expertise in making unique perfumes. Therefore, you need to pay more for the expertise. Additionally, it’s a brand used by kings once, and people love to own perfume like this as it’s an expression of nobility.

2. Handmade and made in only one place

The major steps, including creating the scent, are completed only in Paris, France. And they’ve trained perfumers to confirm the same composition in every production.

As creed is still making perfume by hand, you can tell that there’s a higher labor cost. On top of that, when there’s manual labor, it is more time-consuming. As a result, the price bar gets higher.

3. Less supply, more demand

As you’ve learned, they utilize human effort entirely to make the perfumes, and the production process is slow. For that, they release a very limited number of perfumes in the market.

The limited supply plays a big role in the price. That means there’s more demand for perfumes in relation to the fewer products available in the market. That naturally makes the price go higher.

4. Hunting down rare ingredients to create a perfume

Creed aims to make perfume from rare natural ingredients. So, they send their experts to different places to search out all the exotic fragrances other brands aren’t using. They use these natural elements as inspiration to make the most exceptional perfume bottle on the market.

Harvesting them will cost more as well. In that case, they need to go to more places to prepare to harvest the ingredients themselves. That means more cost. 

Next, they experiment with the ingredients through a series of trial-and-error until they finally get the correct formula. You can see these steps require a huge investment. And the price is determined considering the factors you just became aware of.

5. Hand-modeled glass containers

Using the world’s scarce elements is not the only reason that makes Creed Aventus expensive. The container requires a good deal of money too.

Once again, Creed has this way of creating perfumes in a single place. Concerning that, they make bottles by one glassmaker, Pochet Du Courval, situated in France. This glassmaker brand doesn’t come cheap as they only have a few experts.

Needless to say, the bottles are made with extra care that involves studying the fragrance and connecting it with the brand. As a result, every bottle looks unique.

On the other hand, there could be some special designs that could be difficult. Hence, they need to spend a lot on unique bottle designs too. Not to mention, the glass itself is a pricey material. So, these factors are directly connected to their price range.

6. The immersion effect of the perfume

It means that they want an individual to connect with a perfume completely. It’s like a mental connection. For instance, what is a particular aroma trying to tell, how is it making you feel—these kinds of deeper thoughts.

So, you can see that Creed doesn’t make rare and mind-blowing perfume. They also try to make sure people grow a bond with the product.

Of course, by paying more, you’re already creating more importance of a scent. But when a perfume simulates you to feel and think profoundly, that certainly makes a perfume special.

So, this is just another reason for Creed being demandable all the time. And with more demand, the price gets bigger. 

7. Packaging and shipping

Since Creed is a luxury brand, ordinary perfume boxes don’t work for them. They utilize high-quality, flashy materials for packing their unique perfume bottles. The aesthetic of the boxes is a part of the cost. You can’t deny the experience of unpacking such a beautiful perfume bottle.

Additionally, for shipping, they spend a large amount of money. That’s because, in terms of shipping perfume, you must be cautious, so the product reaches the destination undamaged, including the box.

Shipping perfume is even more difficult because a single mistake can break a bottle which will be a waste of the expensive scent and a bad impression for the brand. Taxation also increases the price. Overall, these factors determined the price of Creed Aventus.

So…why is creed aventus so expensive?

Creed is the only major perfume brand that still produces perfume manually. Also, they use all the fine, rare natural ingredients and handmade bottles, making them collectibles. This is another reason the company is still in the business for years comfortably despite charging a hefty amount of money.

Overall, by splurging on this perfume, you become a part of history, reach the ultimate pomp, and smell the best.

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