Body Spray vs Perfume: The Differences You Need to Know

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Body Spray vs Perfume: The Differences You Need to Know

Not sure if you should go for body spray or perfume? Are you mistaken by thinking of perfume and spray the same? Then this article about body spray vs. perfume comparison is for you.

They apparently serve the same purpose—making you smell nice all day. But that doesn’t make them essentially the same. In truth, they are unique and have separate functions!

In this article, we’ve outlined the differences between a spray and perfume in terms of their ingredients and functions.

Body Spray vs. Perfume: What are the Differences?

Many fragrance products are available, both as spray and perfume. Many of us use both terms interchangeably without knowing the differences.

Let’s explore the difference between body spray and perfume in detail below:

The composition

We need to consider formula or composition first because it’s the fundamental difference between perfume and body spray.


As a matter of fact, all fragrances are made from some solvent and aromatic extract. And the only thing that makes them unique is the use of oil in the mixture. So, in the mix of alcohol and water, you can see that oil concentration plays a major role in the composition.

Find out about the formulation of the two products below.

Body spray

Body sprays are mainly a combination of alcohol and water. And it contains a lesser amount of fragrant oil. Also, it has lower perfume oils (1.3%).

In addition, body sprays are made to offer more than fragrance. Connecting to that, there are mainly two types of body sprays—

  1. One that mostly has a fragrance
  2. And another one includes antiperspirant properties

So, if you sweat a lot, you will need the second one.


On the other hand, perfumes have higher and several aromatic extracts, such as – flowers, herbs, and even spices. And these are blended with alcohol and oil elements that unfurl a pleasant smell.

And there are several kinds of perfumes available as following—

  1. Parfum: 15 to 20 % of perfume oil, lasts around 24 hours
  2. EDP (Eau da parfum): 10 to 20% oil concentration, lasts about 6-7 hours
  3. EDT (Eau da toilette): 4 to 15%, lasts around hours
  4. EDC (Eau da cologne): 3 to 5% concentration and lasts around 2 hours

The duration of the fragrance

The duration makes another major difference between body spray and perfume. Read about this particular factor below to decide which one you would like to put on for the next outing.

Body spray

Body sprays are gaseous, so they evaporate faster than perfume. That’s one of the reasons for them to be called body mists. They are supposed to be airy and not too strong. That’s why body sprays have a comparatively lighter fragrance.

The scented oil is used to make body sprays melt away faster. And interestingly, many of us carry a body spray with us. Any guess for a reason?

Since body sprays are mainly a mixture of alcohol and water, they evaporate within 2 hours. So, we need to apply it repeatedly, and the container empties faster.

Furthermore, the overdose or the reapplication comes with further concerns. Yeah, it’s a great solution, but overdose will make you smell funny at the end of the day. And that will make you feel awkward around people.

On top of that, the wearer might be sensitive to the overuse of the alcohol and fragrance mixture. So, in severe cases, it might choke or make you cough.


Unlike body sprays, perfumes are entirely liquid. Besides, this liquid has a highly concentrated solid perfume. As a result, it scents heavier and stronger and is considered bold. So, when you wear it, you can expect a particular perfume to the last minimum of 5-9 hours.

Nevertheless, they have different notes, such as high, low, and mid. For that, you will get an extra level of fragrance throughout the entire day! Therefore, like body spray, you don’t need to spritz the bottle frequently, smell unpleasant, or get any allergic reaction.

The Cost

How can we not consider cost talking about what’s the difference between body spray and perfume?

You see that we use fragrance products of various price ranges. Also, the price range varies from brand to brand. Another factor that makes a huge difference in the pricing of body sprays and perfumes is the amount and number of elements used in the products.

Body spray

You might already know that body sprays are more affordable than perfumes. Many brands have created unique body sprays that are still cheaper than perfumes. That’s because the body spray has lesser fragrance extract. As a result, the scent doesn’t last long. Essentially, body sprays are cheaper than perfume and the most affordable option.


Compared to body sprays, perfumes are more expensive. High-end perfumes are luxury products and may cost you more. They come in various characteristics these days. For example, you can customize your scent, and brands also make their niche perfumes.

Perfume manufacturing requires pursuing various exclusive elements and using different fragrance oils. Moreover, combining the ingredients to make an excellent perfume requires more effort and time. All these certainly sound big! Therefore, the sky-high pricing for good perfumes is worth-it.

The application processes

The places for applying body sprays and perfumes also vary, as follows:

Body spray

You can apply body sprays all over your body (except eyes and sensitive body parts). So, if you are someone who loves being entirely covered with scent, body spray should be your choice.

Caution: Be careful of the chemical, though. If you use them over, the toxicity level will affect your skin, resulting in an intolerable burning sensation.

However, if you can pick one made from the finest ingredients, you can apply them to different parts of your body worry-free.

Now, you must be wondering when to use body sprays. The answer is simple—if you are not going out for a long time, use body spray. When it fades, reapply. They don’t last long. Remember?


The thumb rule for perfume application is to wear it on clothing; that way, it will last longer. You can spray them on the skin—apply on pulse points.

So, when should you use perfume? You are supposed to wear perfume if you go out for a long time, like –going to a party, work, or on campus.

Since perfumes are richer in composition, they last longer. Most importantly, perfumes make you feel confident, so places like parties and work are perfect suits for perfumes. Moreover, perfumes can be relaxing too. In that case, you can use it according to your needs to make you comfortable and happy.

Caution: Don’t rub it after applying it on skin as it may break down the molecules and thus fade away quickly. If you apply it on clothes, be careful about the color of the perfume oil, as it may sometimes leave stains on your dress.

Final Verdict

Both body spray and perfume will make you smell good once applied. However, the oil concentration between body spray and perfume makes the main difference. So, if you are looking for a stronger scent, you go for perfume and vice versa. And people who have a sporty lifestyle are more into body sprays.

Hopefully, from the discussion above, you know about spray vs. perfume and can pick according to your preference.

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